Snowflake Flurry

4" x 6" Card; 2016


Snowy New England Drive

7" x 5" Card; 2015

Christmas Wreath

7" x 5" Card; Pen, Watercolor & Gouache; 2015

Inside of Christmas Wreath Card; Pen


Winter Holiday Cards

I always romanticize the changing of the seasons and certain holidays. I still feel like a kid, decorating, baking cookies, sending out cards and wrapping presents every year. I want to send that same sense of joy and magic to my friends, family and clients via mail, so I always try to make my own holiday cards.



For Snowflake Flurry, I started with a series of pencil drawn snowflakes that I digitally traced and recolored. I wanted to create a pattern at first, but then I realized the fun layering effect that was happening when I started arranging the snowflakes in a random way, almost like they were falling.



In 2007, the printmaking department at my college took a trip to a few different art museums in New England. It started snowing pretty heavily as it is wont to do up north on the way from Massachusetts to Vermont. I snapped this photo from the passenger seat. The ice that was rapidly collecting on the windshield created a nice vignette.